Negotiation Training

Every Negotiation Training we provide is delivered by real-world Negotiation Experts with the credibility to drive behavioural change.

Whatever your prior experience, our Negotiation Courses maximise participation and develop confidence applying our powerful techniques in real world Negotiations. These methods and the friendly, unpretentious approach taken by our Negotiation Experts, mean that we consistently attract outstanding feedback from our rapidly-expanding portfolio of Fortune 500 clients.
Credibility is critical when pushing clients out of their comfort zone to deliver positive change.

Put another way, are your team really going to be receptive to change, based on delivery by a generic trainer who has never really negotiated professionally? Our Negotiation Courses are only ever delivered by genuine Negotiation Experts with extensive first-hand Commercial Negotiation experience.

Typically, this means 15+ years operating in senior leadership roles, directly leading the difficult conversations necessary to drive performance. We genuinely believe in the Negotiation Training that we deliver because we have actually used the techniques to deliver commercial success in the real world.
Whether you are interested in the rapid financial return of One Day Negotiation, Advanced Skills or one of our VIrtual Negotiation Espressos, we have a solution for you.

Negotiation Training for Sales, Procurement and Leadership