Resilience Training

Developing a resilient organisation is not just the right thing to do, it also makes for good business.

When 1.4million UK workers were surveyed in 2017/18, 44% attributed their sickness absences to stress, anxiety or depression. It is estimated that these absences cost UK businesses between £74billion and £99billion every year.

The RQi™ is the world’s best-tested psychometric to measure resilience and its impact on wellbeing in the workplace. We use insights from the RQi™ to build actionable, evidence-based programs to build Resilience in the individuals, teams and leaders crucial to your business success.
Developing RQi™ has been shown to mean reduced stress, fewer sick days and an increased sense of wellbeing.

Using this evidenced-based approach, we are then able to tailor a large selection of Team, Leadership and 121 Coaching solutions to build Resilience in your organisation and move your Employee Wellbeing initiatives to the next level.
The RQi™ is used in both 121 coaching and team development programmes to build resilience and boost performance in the workplace.

We offer team development program catering for everything from small teams through to Wellbeing Program roll outs across large multinationals.

Our offerings include:
- Resilience in Times of Change
- Resilience for Leadership Teams
- Team Resilience Profiliing
- Benchmarking & Developing Organisational Resilience

As a boutique training company, we also have the experience and agility to create novel content tailored to your exact needs: just ask!

Developing Resilience as a Coachable Skill